About Us

We are Nancy and Dave Gage. We started this journey in 1972, setting 200 sap buckets that first year. By 1981 we had left the city and moved north to our wooded mountainside in Western Mass with just what would fit in the back of our blue Ford pickup.

We spent those first months living in a hand built, one room shack in the woods. With the help of family and friends, a plot was cleared for a garden and a house followed by space for a cider orchard. Over the following years, the maple sugaring operation grew from a few hundred taps to the streamlined, organic and solar powered operation it is today.

Now in our 39th year of operation, we are turning back to our collective roots, and embarking on a new chapter in our farm’s history. Standing on the shoulders of the women and men who have stewarded this land before us, putting to use the valuable lessons from generations past, we are boldly stepping into this next decade.

We have sought out emerging technology, sustainable farming practices and have worked to foster the next generation of sugar makers. Our farm finds itself on the cutting edge of where nature meets ethical maple production. While our main focus is on maple syrup production, our farm is becoming a place where people come for community, nature, history, and to witness the intersection of technology and slow food culture.

Our goal is to connect people with the terroir of the food they eat.